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Student welfare is given the utmost priority. The Administration officer at ESBM is accessible to the students throughout the period of their study and can be approached for any assistance needed from the college, including and assistance on any Academic or personal issues faced by the students. In the absence of the Administration officer, the student can contact the Managing Director. Or any of the management team


Opening of Bank Account (Reference)

Overseas students need to have a Bank Account in the UK. To meet their financial needs & transactions. The College will provide relevant documents to facilitate the students in opening the bank account.

There are a number of banks to choose from for opening a bank account. Including Alliance & Leicester, Royal Bank of Scotland, Barclays Bank. As well as, Halifax, NatWest, State Bank of India. Along with, ICICI, Punjab National Bank, Bank of Baroda, HSBC etc.

Student Welfare – Accommodation Assistance

ESBM appreciates how important it is for international students to find a suitable accommodation. Unlike London, in Leicester, the prices for hostel accommodation and private accommodation are moderate. Our student welfare office always maintains a list of convenient and affordable accommodation for overseas students.

Please note that any accommodation should be booked with at least three week’s notice. For booking accommodation, we require a deposit of £150 (for single room). £200 (for double room). Failure to sign your accommodation contract within the specified time. Or being unable to hire accommodation, will result in the money deposited will be forfeited.

Home stays Accommodation with Host Families
This is suitable for Non-English speaking students. One great benefit of such accommodation is to become familiar with local culture. Also with the way of British life! You will also be able to improve your English a huge amount within a short span of time.

Shared Accommodation

This is suitable for independent and organized students. May be facilitated by the ESBM Management. Groups of students will most likely share facilities. Along with other facilities than food & breakfast at all times.

Accommodation For Married Couples

Married couples or those with children should take extra precaution before securing an accommodation.

The College, should it be so advised to arrange accommodation. Before such arrangement can be made students must follow the steps stated below:

  1. Submit a completed Accommodation Reservation Form (from )
  2. Deposit the amount of £320 – £360, depending on the type of property. Which is equivalent to one month’s rent deposit. It will be adjusted against the first four week’s rent.

Any excess amount will be refunded to the student concerned.

Career Guidance And Opportunities

ESBM always consider the career of its students with utmost priority. Therefore, tutors and professionals always take care to advise all students. Most noteworthy, on how to move in the direction of best possible academic routes. The students are also provided with published materials from different professional bodies.

The ESBM management maintains close relations with local job centres and employers agencies. Consequently, we always explore flexible and well-paid jobs to support needy students. The Student Welfare Officer will update students regularly about locally available part-time jobs. As well as, contract-based and temporary job opportunities. But only for students who are allowed to work in the UK.

Please feel free to browse our website. Furthermore, for more information please contact us today. As a result, we will happy to help you with any enquiries. Most noteworthy, we are more than happy to sit down and chat through your options with you. Consequently, making sure you get the right course for you.