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ESBM Hair Beauty Nail Academy

At ESBM Hair Beauty Nail Academy, courses such as waxing, facial treatment, make up, as well as business development and marketing are included.

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Diploma in Hotel and Hospitality

The UK has adopted technological developments to the education system and supports global education. ESBM offers 4/5 diploma in Hotel and Hospitality which is a rising profession in the world. After passing the online assessments and written assignments, students will be awarded an ATHE diploma and will be able to top up to a bachelor’s degree. You will be a competent employee in the Hospitality Industry with a reputable diploma. Click to register for online course:

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IELTS Training at ESMB

IELTS is a highly regarded test that measures your language skill for the academic or Professional purpose. ESBM IELTS Courses have been designed according to the exam structure. You will practice reading, writing, listening and speaking, and improve your grammar and vocabulary. Our main principle is to help each individual student. We apply the pilot test and examine each student’s development.

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ESBM Welfare Office

At ESBM, we take interest in all kinds of requests, expectations and problems of our students through our welfare office.  Also, our mentors provide full support and guidance, throughout education.  We aim to ensure that students successfully achieve their goals.

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ESBM Summer Programme

You can improve your English and take a solid step towards your goal of wonderful abroad experience in the UK. ESBM Summer Programme is waiting for you to have a high standard of education and to have a good time.

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Contextual Learning Method

At ESBM, we adopt modern language teaching methods. ESBM uses contextual learning method in vocabulary training. In courses, vocabulary is actively used, reinforced by reading, listening, writing and speaking. It is aimed that students learn the word with context rather than alone.

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ESBM develops all language skills concurrently

Language learning problems of foreign students often come from not knowing “how to” learn. ESBM develops all language skills concurrently. Students make their knowledge permanent by consolidating grammar with reading writing, listening and speaking.

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