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English is the leading language when conducting business internationally. If you wish to become part of the global workforce, enhancing and developing your English language communication skills is critical.

Course Start Date: September 2018
Price: Available on Application
Duration: 5 Days
Times: 10.00 – 14.00
Days: Mon to Fri
Location: Mansion House, Leicester


We are excited to offer a range of Improve Business English Courses, combining English language skills development with learning about the many aspects of British culture, offering students an educational, rewarding and fun experience. The courses are based on student’s ability measured across 4 levels, with students moving up a level as they improve:

  1. Elementary Level
  • Speaking skills for everyday use, pronunciation
  • Understanding everyday language, building vocabulary
  • Reading short texts
  • Writing skills, responses, descriptions, letters
  1. Pre-Intermediate Level
  • Developing conversational skills, fluency and accuracy
  • Improving listening, reading skills and increasing vocabulary
  • Developing accurate use of grammar
  • Writing short formal and informal texts
  1. Intermediate Level
  • Taking part in discussions, understanding different kinds of spoken English and accents
  • Developing techniques for reading, general and academic
  • Paragraphs, punctuation and longer writing tasks
  • Planning and presentation
  1. Upper-Intermediate Level
  • Speech presentation and general topic discussions
  • Understanding talks, taking notes (listening / reading)
  • Analysing texts, summarising, more advanced grammar
  • Planning and writing of essays – to argue, persuade, discuss

Standard course (15 hours tuition + 5 hours directed study)

Allows students the freedom to extend their learning over the period of their choice and gain some experience of the rich historical culture

Intensive course (20 hours tuition + 15 hours directed study) Designed for students who need to achieve their performance standards in a limited time frame.

Benefits of our courses:

  • Small class sizes – learn through interaction with your fellow classmates and teachers.
  • Qualified and friendly teachers with extensive experience.