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International Students are made very welcome in Leicester and our Business School is focused on your needs. Our Student Welfare service is available to you before you arrive and throughout your stay.

Yes you will be looked after and yes you will have fun, but you are coming here to study. We support you with good teaching on carefully selected courses. We only accept you as a student if we think that you are going to be serious about your studies and if we are convinced that we meet your needs.

You may need English tuition before or during your studies. We also teach English all the way up to high Academic Level

  • So before you start we need to know what you hope to achieve, what studies you have already done and what level of English you already have. That is the Academic part of the application and we need scans of any documents.
  • We need to verify your ID so we need a scan of your passport. If you are going to need a visa we will also need to see proof that you have sufficient funds to maintain yourself and pay our fees
  • We also need to know of any accomodation needs and have a health statement from you.

You may download your application form from the ‘Download’ section at the top right hand side of the web page and send all of these scanned documents and statements to  We will contact you and probably have a Skype interview with you.  You can also access our Student Handbook, which has details of policies etc., from the download section.

International Students

If you are working with an agent they will help you through this process.

If you are an agent and can recruit good students for a thriving Business School in the heart of the UK with excellent teaching and good value fees then please get in touch with us. Email and we will reply very quickly. If you support the students with a Quality Assured processs we can recognise your efforts with the right commissions.